Polymer Science Group.
Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus

· Promoting scientific excellence by conducting pioneering research in a cutting-edge field.

· Development, and experimental and theoretical study of novel, low-cost, advanced polymeric materials, and their evaluation in applications in energy and health.

· Contribution to the research carried out worldwide for the development of advanced synthetic polymeric materials from readily-available, inexpensive materials.

· Socioeconomic development of the country through scientific research followed by possible exploitation of the results.

· Training of three Young Researchers in a timely field of high scientific and technological importance, which will render them competitive for employment within Cyprus or abroad.

· Strengthening the international standing of the Cyprus Polymer Science Group in its leading role in the particular topic of amphiphilic gels (RSC book going in press soon).

· Creation of a strong network of scientists from top institutions in four European countries, Belgium, France, Germany and Cyprus, and a very technologically-advanced third country, Japan, with many possible synergies and potential for further collaborations after the project is completed.

· Creation of new knowledge worldwide on a new type of polymeric material through an interdisciplinary (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering) approach.

· Development of materials for next generation batteries.

· Development of next generation scaffolds for tissue engineering.

· Development of self-mendable and recyclable materials with very long service life.

· Development of "smart", self-organizable materials.

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